As fast as a plane, as convenient as a train

  • Fast: Amsterdam → Paris in 30 minutes
  • Cheap: Costs less than an airline ticket for the same destination
  • Enjoyable: Sit back and relax in comfortable surroundings
  • Safe: No turbulence and accidents caused by human error
  • Future proof: Powered by renewable energies
  • TU Delft
  • MKB Brandstof
  • UNITiD

Connecting major cities

AmsterdamThe NetherlandsParisFrance

As convenient as a metro networkHyperloop brings you right into the city centre

A huge time saverTraveling by Hyperloop is much faster than any other mode of transportation

Hyperloop30 minutes – 1200 km/hPlane1.2 hours – 950 km/hTrain3.5 hours – 340 km/hCar6 hours – 120 km/h

30 minutes

As little energy as a light bulbUsing renewable energy makes traveling cheaper and more energy efficient than airplanes

Hyperloop80 Watt (100 km)Plane1200 Liters (100km)

1200 Liters (100km)

80 Watt (100km)

Welcome to Paris

A unique design and levitation mechanism

The Hyperloop pod

Floating on air

The fail-safe braking system


Sit back and relax. Enjoy a comfortable and innovative travel experience.

The look and feel inside the pod

A pleasing virtual landscape

Up-to-date with the latest travel information

The team

Building the future with a team of 30 ambitious students

Marleen van de Kerkhof Chief PR & Partnerships +31 15 278 7560