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Winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition

And next year we are building an even better pod for the following competition.
  • TU Delft
  • MKB Brandstof
  • UNITiD

Connecting major cities

Amsterdam The Netherlands Paris France

As convenient as a metro networkHyperloop brings you right into the city centre

A huge time saverTraveling by Hyperloop is much faster than any other mode of transportation

Hyperloop 30 minutes – 1200 km/h Plane 1.2 hours – 950 km/h Train 3.5 hours – 340 km/h Car 6 hours – 120 km/h

30 minutes

As little energy as a light bulbUsing renewable energy makes traveling cheaper and more energy efficient than airplanes

Hyperloop 80 Watt (100 km) Plane 1200 Liters (100km)

1200 Liters (100km)

80 Watt (100km)

Welcome to Paris

A unique design and levitation mechanism

The Hyperloop pod

Floating on magnets

The fail-safe braking system


Sit back and relax. Enjoy a comfortable and innovative travel experience.

The look and feel inside the pod

A pleasing virtual landscape

The team

Building the future with a team of 30 ambitious students

Edouard Schneiders Team Captain eschneiders@delfthyperloop.nl +31 6 15 63 9441
Maurits Houck Team Manager mhouck@delfthyperloop.nl +31 6 15 40 9699