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Een belangrijk onderdeel van onze missie is om het concept van Hyperloop uit te leggen en mensen te inspireren. Daarom staan wij altijd open voor vragen, interviews en andere media verzoeken.

For press enquiries, contact Asja Föllmi:

+31 (0)6 2511 8243

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Online Course: Learn all about Hyperloop

By Kevin van der Toorn | 10 december 2018

Is Hyperloop really worth the hype? Is this passenger pod levitating in a vacuum tube a viable alternative to curb the environmental impact of current modes of transport? Find out by enrolling in the MOOC Hyperloop: Changing the Future of Transportation!

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2nd place SpaceX Pod Competition for Delft Hyperloop II

By Asja Föllmi | 12 september 2018

During the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in California, Delft Hyperloop II had to deal with several setbacks, causing the team working day and night in order to succeed all the tests regarding safety. Nevertheless, due to the strong teamwork of every member, the team secured the 2nd place. The test week and finals where nerve-racking and without each other and the help of our partners, a fantastic result like a 2nd place would have been unfeasible.

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On a roll with SKF

By Bas Dorsman | 25 juni 2018

Wheels are often depicted as one of the oldest inventions of human kind. And though this is true, wheels have not been static throughout the years but have been evolving continuously since their conception.

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Scrum training from Brunel

By Thymo Vlot | 23 maart 2018

All old team members warn you for it, and it is really true: a year working in a DREAM team goes by faster than you’d think. As of writing, we are already halfway our project year. Currently, we are at the start of our production phase, and we realise how much work still needs to be done. Therefore, it would really help our team to work in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our partner Brunel has helped us to achieve this by giving us a Scrum training.

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Delft Hyperloop & ERIKS work on the future of transportation

By Maaike Hakker | 23 maart 2018

For the 2018 competition, Delft Hyperloop teamed up with industrial service provider ERIKS, which is now one of our main technical partners. It’s a B2B company that brings innovative solutions to a variety of industries such as nanotech, automotive, solar energy, aviation and even space exploration.

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Delft Hyperloop II

By Maaike Hakker | 26 oktober 2017

A brand-new Delft Hyperloop team has come together: since September, 37 students from the TU Delft are working on the design and production of the Delft Hyperloop II. With this vehicle, the team will participate in the SpaceX competition of summer 2018.

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