WANTED: New core team members DH05
DEADLINE: September 20th, 2020
APPLY: Send motivation and CV to Applications@delfthyperloop.nl

Do you want to be part of Delft Hyperloop? Delft Hyperloop continues working on the future of transportation and the development of the Hyperloop. This academic year, unlike the past few years, Delft Hyperloop will not only be working on a pod to participate in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. We are taking matters into our own hands by designing and organizing our own new competition: one that will force its participants to broaden their horizons by touching upon a variety of yet to be tackled Hyperloop problems.

In addition, we will develop a Research Department to conduct more research that contributes to the Hyperloop concept and so that we, as a team, will work towards a scalable Hyperloop. We are excited to say that Delft Hyperloop is aiming to have magnetic levitation and linear motors included in the vehicle three years from now. This will not only be achieved by focusing solely on a research-based department, but we will also be developing in more advanced testing facilities, both in Delft and elsewhere.

Therefore, we need new people that are ready to accept the challenge and start working on the future of transportation. One of the things that makes working in such a team unique is how the project can be made your own, and that is the case this year more than ever! This results in new strategies, structures, ideas, goals and accomplishments every year.

Currently we are looking for a Management, Partnerships Managers, Public Relations Managers and Research and Development engineers, to start off the new team. You can find the job descriptions below. We are looking for full-time (40h/week) and parttime (20h/week) members, starting from now on till the end of the academic year. If you think you are suited for the job please send an email to Applications@delfthyperloop.nl with your motivation and CV, before September 20th!



As the Management Department you will provide direction to the team by making operational decisions, both tech and non-tech based. By establishing and maintaining oversight, you will be able to steer the team and develop an efficient work environment. You will ensure that, as a team, all members meet their goals, whether they are personal or professional. Sustaining an effective, executive and safe work environment, as well as establishing working schedules for all team members and delegating responsibilities are responsibilities of the Management Department. The management exists of a Team Captain, Project Manager and de Chief Engineer.

Team Captain: As a Team Captain, you are responsible for the wellbeing and functioning of the team and the team members individually. You oversee the goal of the team and make sure the team reaches its potential. Furthermore, you represent the team to the outside world. If you are enthusiastic and able to motivate others, have good communication skills and a sense of responsibility, then this position might be something for you!

Project Manager: As Project Manager, you will have two main responsibilities: making sure the project is done on time and stay within budget. You will accomplish this by developing planning and budget strategies, manage the spending's, and control the work processes of your team members. At the same time, you will need to mitigate for project risks, such as overspending or production delays by regular iteration of your plans while still keeping the team motivated.

Chief Engineer: As Chief Engineer you have the end-responsibility over the technical aspects of the project. With your engineering team you will develop the design-strategy and ensure quality of execution. In this role you should not only be familiar with each specific part of the system, but most crucially you must have a complete overview of the system as a whole. This allows you to directly support the different engineering departments, as well as manage critical interfaces and make crucial top-level trade-offs. A very diverse task requiring both excellent communication skills and technical knowledge.

Partnership manager

As a Partnerships Manager you are responsible for establishing new partnerships and maintaining good and professional contact with the current or old ones. You are essential for the financial wellbeing of the team and will be the first point of contact for companies. You will develop your skills in communication, presentation, marketing and negotiation. Most importantly, you will get a unique view into the functioning of different companies. You will be in close contact with other team members to ensure partnerships are established with companies fit for our team. This year will be extra challenging as you will investigate the possibility of a new Hyperloop competition together with the PR managers.

Public relationship manager

As a Public Relations Manager you are the bridge between Delft Hyperloop and the outside world. You are responsible for ensuring that the story of Delft Hyperloop is spread as much as possible and that technical details are presented in a format that is comprehensible and fun to read, watch and view. This results in organizing (online) events, creating a social media plan and developing new forms in which Hyperloop knowledge can be shared. This year will be extra challenging as you will investigate the possibility of a new Hyperloop competition together with the Partnerships managers. Are you creative, do you want to know about everything that goes on within the team and Hyperloop development worldwide, and do you like to implement new ideas? Then this position might be for you!

Research and Development Engineers

Delft Hyperloop is looking for R&D Engineers that are willing to push their engineering limits to explore future Hyperloop technologies. You will be working closely together with the Chief Engineer and your fellow R&D Engineers, to explore a variety of engineering challenges within an Hyperloop system. You will be given a lot of freedom, so that you can select the most challenging ones and to steer Delft Hyperloop towards its main goal: demonstrating these technologies in a full scale, self-propelling and levitating Hyperloop pod.