WANTED: New team members DH05
DEADLINE: November 15th, 2020
APPLY: Send motivation and CV to Applications@delfthyperloop.nl

Do you want to be part of Delft Hyperloop? Delft Hyperloop continues working on the future of transportation and the development of the Hyperloop. This academic year, unlike the past few years, Delft Hyperloop will not be working on a pod to participate in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Instead, we are taking matters into our own hands by designing a new competition: the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). Organized in collaboration with several major European Hyperloop teams and companies, this event is set to take place at the end of July 2021 in Valencia. The competition will focus on the development of a scalable Hyperloop by touching upon a variety of yet to be tackled problems.

We are excited to announce that Delft Hyperloop is aiming to have linear synchronous motors included in the vehicle, which would be a big step towards the eventual development of a full-scale Hyperloop. This was decided after extensive brainstorming by our previously selected Research & Development department. In this process, we will not only be focusing on research and design, but will also be developing advanced testing facilities, both in Delft and elsewhere. Now, to reach our goals, we need motivated and hard-working students that are ready to accept the challenge and start working on the future of transportation.

Currently, we are looking for engineers in a variety of departments to complete our core team, as well as Public Relations managers. You can find the job descriptions per department below. We are looking for full-time (40h/week) and part-time (20h/week) members, starting from now till the end of the academic year. If you think you are suited for the job, please send an email to Applications@delfthyperloop.nl with your motivation and CV, before November 15th.


Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer you have the end-responsibility for the technical aspects of the project. With your engineering team, you will develop the design-strategy and ensure the quality of execution. In this role, you should not only be familiar with each specific part of the system but more importantly, you should have a complete overview of the system as a whole. This allows you to directly support the different engineering departments, as well as manage critical interfaces and make crucial top-level trade-offs. Since this year we have decided to start developing new, innovative technologies like the Linear Synchronous Motor, this role becomes especially exciting. If you have the right combination of excellent communicational skills and technical knowledge, then Chief Engineer is the position for you!

Public Relations Manager

As a Public Relations manager, you are the bridge between Delft Hyperloop and the outside world. You are responsible for ensuring that the story of Delft Hyperloop is shown to the public and that technical details are presented in a format that is comprehensible and fun to read, watch, and view. You will be organizing (online) events, expanding our already big social media reach, and developing new ways of sharing Delft Hyperloop’s accomplishments. This year will become especially exciting for the Public Relations department as we are organizing our own international event, the European Hyperloop Week. Are you creative, do you want to be involved in organizing events that show society the potential of Hyperloop, and do you like to think outside the box? Then apply for the position of Public Relations Manager!


Would you like to work on the interior and exterior design of a full-scale Hyperloop, or investigate the infrastructure and integration of the Hyperloop concept into society? Then Scalability is the department for you! We are looking for creative, motivated students that are willing to think outside the box, preferably with a background in Industrial Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, or Technical Policy and Management. There are two different positions in the Scalability Department, we need Full-Scale engineers and Design Engineers.

Full-scale engineers are responsible for performing research and overcoming challenges surrounding the future implementation of the hyperloop. The hyperloop is still in the design phase, giving you the opportunity to work on many different topics! Investigate the technical boundaries of magnetic levitation, create efficient airlocks or model the costs of various tube designs. Collaborations with private and public organizations allow you to share your findings with the hyperloop industry and gain essential skills along the way.

As a Design Engineer in the Scalability department, you will have the opportunity to shape and visualize the full scale hyperloop concept. Main tasks include concept generation, sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, animating, and more! You will develop business skills and take part in interesting events. Experience in 3D modeling, rendering and visualization (e.g. Adobe Suite) is recommended.

Would you like to become a Full-Scale Engineer or Design Engineer? Then apply for a position in the Scalability Department, in your motivational letter mention which position you would prefer and why!

Engineering Department

We are looking for bright, motivated engineers that want to develop the future of transportation, preferably with a background in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or applied physics. In the paragraphs below, you can find information on the different systems that the engineering department will be working on this year. In your motivation letter, please let us know which of the five engineering topics you find interesting and why. You are allowed and even encouraged to mention multiple topics.

Do you want to be a part of the engineering team and in turn be responsible for the design and production of our Hyperloop, apply for a position in the engineering department!


One of our main goals this year is to be the first student Hyperloop team to develop a Linear Synchronous Motor, which will be propelling our vehicle. According to extensive research done in the industry, it was found that this propulsion system would be the best fit for Hyperloop applications. With permanent magnets in the pod and a network of electromagnets in the track, the highest efficiency can be achieved and the speeds can be reached that will make Hyperloop a success. Would you like to accompany us in this process and design a propulsion system that will define the future of Delft Hyperloop, then this is the position for you!

Sense & Control

The goal of Delft Hyperloop to be the first student team to integrate a Linear Synchronous Motor into our vehicle, cannot be achieved without a motivated team of sense & control engineers. Accurate and reliable control of the coils in the track is required for stability and optimal efficiency. With respect to previous years, this department will now become even more important for the success of our vehicle with the changes we are making, so you will be working in a large cohesive team. Do you have the drive and fascination to work on this piece of cutting-edge technology and want to expand your knowledge on the combination of software and hardware systems in a vehicle, then Sense & Control is the department for you!


The goal of the Hyperloop concept is to reach velocities of 1000 km/h, thus becoming as fast as airplanes but as comfortable as trains. Now reaching these velocities is one thing, but for the safety of the passenger, it is even more important to design a fail-safe system that can decrease the pod reliably and make it come to a comfortable standstill. Regular friction breaks naturally can’t be applied to the Hyperloop, so an innovative system needs to be developed that uses magnetism to slow down the pod. Are you a hardworking, motivated student that wants to expand his/her knowledge and get the opportunity to be able to work on your own vision of what Hyperloop brakes should look like, then apply and become a Braking engineer!


As a Structural Engineer, you will be in charge of designing a reliable and fail-safe chassis, which is the core of our vehicle on which all subsystems are connected. Furthermore, you will develop a well-designed aeroshell to allow for optimal efficiency of the hyperloop pod. Would you like to expand your knowledge on structural mechanics and aerodynamics, as well as working closely together with all the other engineering departments, then you should definitely apply for a position in the Structures department!


As the pod travels along the track at high velocities, any minor disturbance can become very uncomfortable for the passengers. Since the pod is magnetically levitated to a set distance, an active suspension system between the chassis and the cabin is of great importance. Would you like to be responsible for integrating this perfectly into the pod and thus being an integral part of our design time? Then apply for a position as Suspension engineer!