We are recruiting

Are you the future of Hyperloop?

Who are we looking for?

Delft Hyperloop is looking for enthusiastic students, who are willing to devote a full academic year, to take the next step in Hyperloop technology. Become part of the new team and work full or part time on the fastest, most efficient mode of transportation.

What can you expect?

During a year at Delft Hyperloop, you get to work in a professional, multidisciplinary team of students. You get the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gained during your studies, or discover something completely new. You get to experience a full engineering process.

Together with the other engineers, you will build Atlas 03 that will race in the 2020 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

When you apply, we ask you to think about what your contribution to Delft Hyperloop could be. Below you can find a list of suggestions, feel free to elaborate on your own capabilities in your motivation letter and application form.

What are the positions you can apply for?


The Management is responsible for coordinating the tasks, people and results of the rest of the team. These three people ensure good integration and communication between the various departments and keep an overview of the top-level process.

The Team Captain represents the team: speaking at events and spreading the vision of Delft Hyperloop. Furthermore, you are responsible for keeping track of the personal wellbeing, functioning of your team members and the general team goal(s).

The Project Manager is responsible for the planning and finance of the project. You keep an eye on the progress of the various departments and the project and make sure that no tasks are delayed or becoming too expensive. It is your job to make the project a success within one year!

The Chief Engineer is responsible for keeping an eye on the integration of and the interfaces between the departments. It is your job to make sure that the designed pod has the best possible quality, therefore you will be busy controlling the design choices and keeping in touch with the department leads. You are the person who knows everything there is to know about the pod.


As an engineer, the first half year of Delft Hyperloop will be dedicated to designing an integrated record-breaking vehicle and visualizing this using CAD. During these months, you will be pushing the limits of engineering and discover the edges of technology. The second half of the year you have the opportunity to realize your design in the D:DREAMhall, together with the best partners from the industry. You will work with cutting edge materials and tools and discover new production processes.

To be able to design such a complex pod, the engineers are divided over various subsystems. For instance:

  • Powertrain: supplying the pod with power and converting this (electrical) power into mechanical power, this includes motor choice and optimization.
  • Structures: providing a chassis that will act as a ‘frame’ of the pod, absorbing all forces.
  • Suspension: ensuring the pod is guided along the track and that the bump loads are kept to a minimum.
  • Braking: making the pod brake before it hits the steel door at the end of the tube.
  • Sense and Control: designing and programming the hardware and software needed for the pod to function as an autonomous vehicle.
  • Testing: coming up with ways to test the individual subsystems and the vehicle as an integrated whole.
  • Design: providing the looks of the pod and the imagery that goes with this.
  • Scalability: looking at the implementation of the hyperloop concept. The focus lies both on technology and social/economical effects.

Every department has a department lead who is responsible for the integration between the departments and keeping an eye on the interfaces, together with the Chief Engineer.


The Business department, together with the Team Captain, is responsible for the contact of the team with the outside world. This includes creating and maintaining contact with various partners for both in-kind and financial support. Furthermore, the PR of the team plays an important role: through large events, updating the social media channels, and contact with press and interested parties. A portion of this includes making presentations in our branding style and the imagery that goes with this, thus also working closely together with the engineers.

Next year, we want to focus on promoting the future of the hyperloop to the media and to the public, creating more attention for the transportation of the future. This includes going to fairs, actively looking for platforms to spread our word and even coming up with ideas for what the hyperloop will eventually will be like.


Are you interested in joining Delft Hyperloop and working on the future of transportation? Please fill in the application form, including your resume and a motivation letter. The application deadline is March the 17th at 23:59. If you have any questions, you can send an email to applications@delfthyperloop.nl.