WANTED: New team members DH06
DEADLINE: February 28th, 2021
APPLY: Fill out the following form: https://05bdu5x99gv.typeform.com/to/fhLeNsuI
LUNCH LECTURE 15TH FEBRUARY https://fb.me/e/1tNnAmFlB
QUESTIONS? Do not hesitate to contact us at applications@delfthyperloop.nl

Do you want to be part of Delft Hyperloop? Delft Hyperloop continues to work on the future of transportation and the development of the Hyperloop. In September 2021 team Delft Hyperloop Team VI will continue the innovation towards a scalable Hyperloop design, to win the second edition of the European Hyperloop Week (EHW) in July 2022. Not only is Delft Hyperloop a participant in this global competition, but we are also part of the organization of this week, the biggest Hyperloop event in the world. The EHW is focused on the development of a scalable Hyperloop by touching upon a variety of yet to be tackled problems.

We are excited to announce that Delft Hyperloop is developing linear synchronous motors integrated in the vehicle together with an active track. Besides this, Delft Hyperloop is aiming to innovate on the suspension method and incorporate magnetic levitation into the design. The innovation on the propulsion and suspension method are big steps towards the eventual development of a full-scale Hyperloop. Now, to reach our goals, we need motivated and hard- working students who are ready to accept the challenge and start working on the future of transportation.

We are looking for new team members in every department. All the job openings are described below. We are looking for full-time members (40h/week) and some part-time members (15- 20h/week) starting from September 2021 – July 2022. If you think you are a fit for the job, please fill out the application form https://05bdu5x99gv.typeform.com/to/fhLeNsuI before the 28th of February. Do you want to learn more about the team and the departments you can join? We are hosting an online Lunch Lecture on the 15th of February and an Interest Drink on the 17th of February. Keep a close eye on our social media platforms for additional information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at applications@delfthyperloop.nl



Experience with working in a team environment is deemed beneficial for any role within the management.

Team Captain

Do you want to be the face of Delft Hyperloop? Then the function of Team Captain might be something for you! As a Team Captain you represent your team to the outside world. Together with your team you set the team’s vision and make sure everyone in the team is aligned and work towards the same goal. As the leader of your team, you ensure your team members are strongly connected with each other and with the project. It is important that your team members stay motivated and you help them to always maintain their wellbeing. Besides this, the Team Captain oversees all activities within the team and carries the end responsibility of the team and project. To be a good Team Captain, you need to communicate efficiently, be self-motivated, be able to make responsible strategic decisions and have great organizational skills.

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the technical project, and needs to make sure the project is finished in time and within budget. As a Project Manager, you are responsible for the planning of the project. You keep track of the progress of the project, and you are aware of the tasks of your team members. You mitigate project risks and you are responsible for the cost estimation of the project and the monitoring of the team’s spending. It is important that a Project Manager has excellent communication skills and can be critical at times since you need to be focused on results and deliverables. Great leadership skills are also of immense importance within the skillset of a Project Manager, since you will need to lead your team to achieve its goals!

Chief Engineer

As a Chief Engineer you have the end-responsibility over the technical aspects of the project. With your engineering team you will develop the design-strategy and ensure quality of execution. In this role you should not only be familiar with each specific part of the system, but more importantly you should have a complete overview of the system as a whole. This allows you to directly support the different engineering departments, as well as manage critical interfaces and make crucial top-level trade-offs. Since your team will be focused on developing new, innovative technologies like the Linear Synchronous Motor, this role becomes especially exciting. If you have the right combination of excellent communicational skills and technical knowledge, then Chief Engineer is the position for you!

Engineering Department


One of the main goals of your year will be to develop a fully functioning Linear Synchronous Motor, which will be propelling the vehicle. According to extensive research done in the industry, it was found that this propulsion system will be the best fit for Hyperloop applications. With permanent magnets in the pod and a network of electromagnets in the track, the highest efficiency can be achieved and the speeds can be reached that will make Hyperloop a success. As a propulsion Engineer, you will be working in a large cohesive team and closely together with parties in the industry. In the propulsion department, there will be a need for mechanical, electrical and magnetics engineers. Would you like to work on the realization of one of the most innovating technologies of the entire design? Then Propulsion Engineer is the job for you!

Sense & Control

The goal of Delft Hyperloop to have a fully functioning, integrated Linear Synchronous Motor into our vehicle, cannot be achieved without a motivated team of sense & control engineers. Accurate and reliable control of the coils in the track is required for stability and optimal efficiency. With respect to previous years, this department will now become even more important for the success of our vehicle with the changes we are making, so you we will be working in a large cohesive team. Do you have the drive and fascination to work on this piece of cutting-edge technology and want to expand your knowledge on the combination of software and hardware systems in a vehicle, then Sense & Control is the department for you!


As the pod travels along the track at high velocities, any minor disturbance can become uncomfortable for the passengers. Since the pod is magnetically levitated to a set distance, a suspension system between the chassis and the cabin is of great importance. Research is needed to conclude whether the pod should be actively or passively suspended. For the innovation on the suspension subsystem, you will be in charge! Would you like to be challenged and be the one responsible for innovating on the suspension method while also integrating this perfectly into the design? Then apply for a position as Suspension engineer!


The goal of the Hyperloop concept is to reach velocities of 1000 km/h, thus becoming as fast as airplanes but as comfortable as trains. Now, reaching these velocities is one thing, but for the safety of the passengers it is even more important to design a fail-safe system that is able to decrease the pod’s velocity reliable and make it come to a comfortable standstill. In addition to emergency friction brakes, an innovative system needs to be researched to slow down the pod. Are you a hardworking, motivated student that wants to expand his/her knowledge and get the opportunity to be able to work on your own vision of what Hyperloop brakes should look like, then apply and become a Braking engineer!


As a Structural engineer you will be in charge of designing a reliable and fail-safe chassis, which is the core of our vehicle on which all subsystems are connected. Furthermore, you will develop a well-designed aeroshell to allow for the optimal efficiency of the Hyperloop pod. Would you like to expand your knowledge on structural mechanics and aerodynamics, as well as working closely together with all the other engineering departments, then you should apply for a position in the Structures department!



Would you like to work on the vision of the implementation of the Hyperloop concept? As a Design Engineer you will focus on the interior and exterior design of a full-scale Hyperloop as well as the station design. With your designs and innovative ideas, you will compete in the European Hyperloop Week in the Full Scale Award category. Since you are able to visualize your ideas, everything you design will be shared within the Hyperloop community and shown to the public! You will be the one who decides what the future of transportation will look like and in what way it will be used by the passengers. Throughout the year you will have a lot of freedom to fully grasp the bigger picture and create designs that fit the vision of the scalability department on the realization of the Hyperloop!

Full Scale

Are you inspired by the Hyperloop technologies and its application in society? As a Full Scale Engineer, you will be focused on various aspects of the technology of the Hyperloop. Together with the engineers in your team you will perform extensive research on the best propulsion and suspension methods, and you will research the perfect Hyperloop design. In this way, you will be an expert on the technologies of a scalable Hyperloop and inspire next generation teams to build a full scale Hyperloop system with your research as their foundation. In addition to this, you will be focused on the infrastructure of the Hyperloop system and the capacity and efficiency of the Hyperloop pods.


Partnerships Manager

The Partnerships Managers are responsible for the financial resources, required for the project. You maintain close relations with our partners each year and actively reach out to new parties to join our journey towards a scalable Hyperloop. With the support and belief of our partners, we continue to innovate on our design. The Partnerships Managers makes sure the communication between our Engineering departments and our partners runs smoothly. We value the help of our partners, and our Partnerships Managers makes sure our partners are happy with what we bring them in return.

Public Relations Manager

As a Public Relations manager you are the bridge between Delft Hyperloop and the outside world. You are responsible for ensuring that the story of Delft Hyperloop is shown to the public and that technical details are presented in a format that is comprehensible and fun to read, watch and view. You will be organizing events, expanding our already large social media reach, and developing new ways of sharing Delft Hyperloop’s accomplishments. Are you creative, do you want to be involved in organizing events that show society the potential of Hyperloop and do you like to think oustside the box? Then apply for the position of Public Relations manager!

European Hyperloop Week (EHW) Organization

Within the EHW organization, there are many different tasks one could fulfill. Are you interested in the organization of a global event together with students from various universities? Then the EHW organization is a fit for you! The EHW organization consists of a logistics-, marketing- and technical team. Please note, it is only possible to fulfill a role within the EHW organization in addition to a role within Delft Hyperloop, meaning you can only join as a full-time team member of Delft Hyperloop.